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Professional Services

Oxidation Restoration

For a PERMANENT fix to fading colour.

A game changer in topcoats, Nano-Clear has dramatic effects on surfaces new and used. Have something oxidized and in need of a repaint? Nano-Clear can fix that. Have a fresh surface you'd like to keep that way for decades? Nano-Clear can do that. Quit wasting time with repaints and paint protection, Nano-Clear is the solutions to all your surface troubles.

Where we shine:

  • tractors

  • RV / Motorhomes

  • boats

  • heavy Equipment

  • aircrafts

  • infrastructure

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Easy Clean Glass Sealing

Keep your glass clean and clear with ease.

Tired of always squeegeeing your shower glass every morning? What about jumping on the first sight of wine spilt on your granite counter? If you're tired of the every day maintenance required to keep your household surfaces in pristine condition, Diamon-Fusion is the solution you've been waiting for. One application is often enough to offer a lifetime of protection to your surfaces.

We'll make your life easier when it comes to cleaning:

  • shower glass

  • granite / quartz countertops 

  • glass railing systems

  • commercial windows

  • mirrors

  • windshields 

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Surface Protection

Maintain your assets for the long term.

Surface degradation is a billion dollar problem, and one we have a fix to by preventing these problems:

  • UV degradation 

  • corrosion

  • chemical attacks

  • scratching / impacts

  • graffiti

  • abrasion

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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Industrial strength without the industrial chemicals.

Grease, bio-organics, concrete, problems we can now resolve while being environmentally responsible. 

Where we help:

  • cement trucks​

  • headstones

  • commercial restaurants

  • monuments  

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