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Products We Offer

Diamon-Fusion DFI

Easy-Clean Coating for Glass, Granite, Tile & Porcelain.

Tired of always squeegeeing your shower glass every morning? What about jumping on the first sight of wine spilt on your granite counter? If you're tired of the every day maintenance required to keep your household surfaces in pristine condition, Diamon-Fusion is the solution you've been waiting for. One application is often enough to offer a lifetime of protection to your surfaces.

Nano-Clear NCI

1K Industrial Restorative Topcoat

A game changer in topcoats, Nano-Clear has dramatic effects on surfaces new and used. Have something oxidized and in need of a repaint? Nano-Clear can fix that. Have a fresh surface you'd like to keep that way for decades? Nano-Clear can do that. Quit wasting time with repaints and paint protection, Nano-Clear is the solutions to all your surface troubles.

Strata Industrial Coatings

Custom Made / Made To Order Coatings

Strata Paint is a leader and innovator in custom made / made to order industrial coatings. We provide custom coating solutions to meet your demanding criteria and challenges. Already a supplier to OEM type applications, we can provide you with custom formulated services and applications for your in house application equipment.

Green Monk Cleaning Solutions

Environmentally Friendly & Effective

We're green, and clean better than any chemical cleaner you've ever seen. Best of all our cleaners prevent the return of future contaminants for 2+ years! Give us a try, and do our environment a favour.